Dear future guests,

First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are doing well.
We are aware that you must ask yourself many questions regarding your future vacation in general and your stay with us in particular, whether this stay has already been booked or considered.
To reassure you, both for your health security and for ours, we invite you to read the following.
All together, with good will, benevolence and a little indulgence ..... we will get there while remaining zen!


We did not wait for the Covid19 epidemic to attach great importance to the hygiene and cleanliness of our home but we will be redoubling our vigilance in order to respect, by adapting it to our small structure, the recommended health protocol. in the hotel industry, in the absence of specific text for guest rooms to date.

It should be noted that this protocol, we were already following it for the most part ……. Without knowing it!
as one does prose… ..without knowing it!
Here are the main points:


1 ° Your room before your arrival complete cleaning
  • Ventilation of the room at least 20 minutes windows open before any cleaning procedure that will be done windows remaining open
  • Change of bed linen, towels
  • Disinfection with suitable products for sanitary facilities and contact points, door handles, cupboards, windows, switches, remote controls….
  • Floor washing with disinfectant

2 ° Your room during your stay
  • Daily cleaning as needed with emptying of bins
  • We will no longer "remake" the beds every day unless bed linen change is necessary.
  • Change of towels every 3 days
  • Pillows: we always put a cover under the pillowcase; we have also seen for years that more and more people bring their personal pillows for comfort, of course we encourage them to continue to do so

3 ° Laundry care

All bed linen, towels, household linen (tea towels and wipes) are washed at 60 ° or at the highest temperature recommended by the manufacturer with the addition of a specific disinfectant to our usual laundry.

4 ° The common areas

As with the bedrooms, great care will be taken in cleaning and disinfecting common areas and specifically handles, switches, stair railings, etc.

Regarding lighting and switches:

So that our guests do not have to look for switches to light up, it has been many years since we have implemented an automatic presence detection system that operates from the car park, all along the driveway, in the veranda, in the hall and on the stairs to the second floor.

5 ° The kitchenette

We have chosen to leave the shared kitchenette, as well as the crockery it contains, available to all guests who wish to use it except for the refrigerator which will be exclusively reserved for the room on the ground floor. " the edge of the wood ".
The other 2 bedrooms each have a small refrigerator and this one does not (technical impossibility)

We are counting on the responsibility and civility of our guests, who will be asked to wash and put away crockery and cutlery properly.
We will take care to ensure the cleanliness of the surfaces of the kitchenette but you will understand that we will not be able to clean every glass, spoon, plate, etc… with each use. In case of non-compliance, we would unfortunately be forced to remove the common dishes.

6 ° Hydro-alcoholic solution : available to everyone in the entrance and on the landing.

At the risk of having your hands a little pickled, count on us to wash them well with soap and water all day long, adding a little gel as you go!

7 ° Breakfasts

No big changes expected …… .why?
  • They will always be prepared under the same hygienic conditions required but… .. served with a mask
  • They will always take place in the veranda where all the windows are sliding and where the air circulates without problem. No problem of physical distancing either: there have always been 3 tables of 2 people sufficiently spaced (also possibility of isolating yourself)
  • For 2021 and following the government directives of the moment, we can consider, in agreement with our hosts, staggered breakfast times and / or serve them in different places if necessary: veranda, kitchenette, pergola
  • No change either for the service: it has always been done at the table, each table having its basket, its coffee jug, its carafe of orange juice, etc ...

The only changes will be:
  • each room will be assigned a table that will be the same during the stay
  • the small jam buffet will be put in place or removed (according to the instructions) but, washing your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory before using

8 ° The swimming pool

No particular recommendation for the moment and as our guests are at most 6, it is not difficult to alternate swimming.

How lucky we are with sunbathing!
There are of course 6 with enough space on the beach of the swimming pool to respect the distances but with a particularity which comes at the right time ...
Indeed, there are already 3 groups of two: 2 gray, 2 green and 2 brown!

You will therefore understand that each room will be assigned a color for its entire stay, which will not prevent us from regularly cleaning the sunbeds as we already did!

9 ° Latest innovation since 2020 : the Digital Welcome Booklet!

The purpose of this welcome booklet is to facilitate your stay by bringing together in one place the practical and tourist information that may be of use to you; which will prevent you from flipping through brochures and flyers that others have read before you.

You will have access to it from your computer, tablet or smartphone thanks to a simple link that we will communicate to you before your stay.

Life is not good! We will pamper you!

Staying at the Feuillantines is the guarantee of being in a place isolated from the green world (but close to tourist sites) where well-being and safety are essential, so that you can rest serenely in a pleasant setting with from space.

We thank you in advance for placing your trust in us and we tell you
""See you soon at Feuillantines! "

Florence & Jean-Pierre Crouzette
24220 Saint Cyprien
Phone +33 5 53 30 45 64
Mail feuillantines24@orange.fr